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Website Redux

09 Dec 2020 🗃️ personal-project 🏷️web

Normally I’d start off with a preview of the work I’m presenting but… you’re already looking at it 😅

Even though I started with a theme, I like to think this site’s come a long way since the original. I’ve made over 96 individual changes, some big and some small. Some of the bigger changes were things like programatically alternating which side of the timeline the project text would appear on so new projects could be more easily added and randomizing the skill rating emojis (it required much more javascript than I anticipated). I even finally learned how to customize sytling for mobile devices!

I’ve never been particularly comfortable working with javascript, especially in relation to coding for websites, but I ended up using it frequently while customizing this theme. I actually had a lot of fun learning about manipulating DOM elements and finding weird ways to pass data from the static site generator to javascript to create dynamic elements. I think that new found enjoyment is why I’m so proud of this new site.