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Skills & Interests

Gameplay Scripting Blueprint Tools Design Unreal Engine 4 Process Development C# Mentorship Location-based Games Transmedia Storytelling Narrative Design Accessible Gaming Systems Design Diversity & Inclusion

Work Experience

Hardsuit Labs Seattle, WA March 2017 - Present

Lead Technical Designer — Unreleased

Technical Designer — Unreleased

Level Designer — Unreleased

Monolith Productions Kirkland, WA December 2015 - September 2016

Associate Designer (Contract) — Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Uber Entertainment Bellevue, WA April 2015 - October 2015

Puzzle Designer (Contract) — Wayward Sky

Carbine Studios Aliso Viejo, CA May 2013 - April 2014

Associate Content Designer (Contract) — WildStar

Personal Projects

Emoji Alethiometer

Glitch app for an alethiometer (device that uses symbols to convey meaning to the user)... but with emojis.

Conference Talks

Spoke at GDC, PAX, and OrcaCon about getting started in games and learning lessons from pro-wrestling.

Blue Heat

A Twine game featuring a pun-based investigation system about the strong arm of the law.


B.S. Computer Science: Computer Game Design University of California, Santa Cruz 2008 - 2012

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